RussianTown magazine is the only free Russian-language publication printed and distributed in Atlanta, Florida and the whole southeastern United States.
RussianTown covers news, politics, culture, sports, health, technology, and history from around the U.S., Russia, and the world.

Placing an ad in our magazine you will attract attention to your business of more than 70,000 of Russian-speaking people in Atlanta and suburban and over 150,000 in the whole Southeast.

Our publication is FREE and we distribute it through more than twenty Russian grocery stores, law offices, doctor offices etc. around the city of Atlanta, Florida and other places of Southeast.
Please, note that besides placing the ad in print version of our magazine your ad will also appear online on informational portal www.russiantown.com where our readers find a full version of our magazine (PDF format) that is the exact copy of printed magazine. All publications of Russian Town Magazine are archived on this web-site since 2003.

On our web-site www.russiantown.com there is the Business Directory where all our current advertisers are listed. People go to the web-site looking for certain type of services. Clicking on a name of a company they see an exact copy of advertising placed in our magazine, company contact information, including email and link to your website.

Along with these 2 bonuses we also offer our clients signing a contract for 6 or more months an additional bonus as 30-second radio commercial broadcasting on our Russiantown radio 6 times a day. This is 180 runs per month and 1, 080 runs for six months.

We offer not just an ad in our printed publication but the entire complex of advertising included several additional elements that you get for free. You only pay for placing your advertisement in Russiantown magazine and we provide all other services mentioned before. Why can we do it? Because all these media platforms belong to our company and we can afford to use it in order to promote your business. We wish your business will succeed with us and that is a reason why we offer you a complex advertising method.

It is also important to remember that people from Russian-speaking community prefer to get information from “their sources” of mass-media. Seeing advertising in Russian publication they trust your company and respect your business because it gets closer to their community.

Also, it is more advantage placing an ad in magazine compare to newspaper - any magazine as a practical source of information usually “changes hands”. That is the way information usually spreads in the Russian-speaking community – people feel like sharing the latest Russian news with their friends, relatives, and co-workers.
Our corporate site is www.russiantown.net
Portal for Russian-Speaking people www.russiantown.com